KPK grills Setya’s doctor for obstruction of justice

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has questioned Bimanesh Sutarjo, a doctor at private hospital Medika Permata Hijau in South Jakarta, on his alleged role in aiding politician and graft suspect Setya Novanto to avoid being investigated in the electronic identity (e-ID) graft case.

Bimanesh was tight-lipped as he arrived at the KPK headquarters on Friday morning, reported

The KPK named Bimanesh, along with Setya’s lawyer Fredrich Yunadi, a suspect of obstruction of justice on Wednesday.

KPK commissioner Basaria Panjaitan said on Wednesday that the two had allegedly conspired to manipulate Setya’s medical records and admit him to Medika Permata Hijau following a car accident in November, thus allowing Setya to avoid the KPK’s investigation.

Investigators raided Setya’s house on Nov. 15 in order to arrest him, as he had failed to respond to the agency’s summonses multiple times, but did not find him on the premises. A day later, Setya was involved in an accident when the car he was in hit an electricity pole. However, instead of being admitted to the emergency room at Medika, he was directly admitted to a VIP room.

The KPK eventually detained Setya on Nov. 19. (hol/ipa)

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